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1. Sharing investment value and providing distinctive investment opportunities

APA Investment Management Co.,Ltd. (the “Asset Manager”) offers unique and attractive investment opportunities to a wide range of investors.

For us, attractive investment opportunities are those that fulfill the following criteria.

  • Investment where we share a distinctive investment concept and proposition with investors with a clear relationship between investment return and risk
  • Investment where the funds invested are managed by the Asset Manager for use in the business operations of the investment target, where they make a tangible contribution to creating and maintaining the culture and wellbeing of the local community and its members

2. Creating added value through investment management that also contributes to boosting the value of the business operations of the real estate which forms the investment target

We act as a bridge linking business operations based on real estate with those based on the financial and capital markets. Our proactive management based on communication with both of these sectors contributes to increasing value in business operations.

3. Focus on unitholder value and securing it in the long term

Our greatest priority is to focusing on protecting unitholder asset value and increasing it in the medium to long term. To this end, we work to anticipate potential conflicts of interest with any stakeholder group and ensure that such risk is removed.

By building up a long-term track record, the Asset Manager works to gain the trust of unitholders.

4. Delivering accountability as an asset management professional

As an asset management professional, we carry out transparent, appropriate, and fair information disclosure, ensuring accountability to all groups of stakeholders through communication.

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